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Check Website’s SSL Certificate Information

SSL Certificate Information

A secured website can be identified from the lock symbol on the browser bar. Different browsers have different ways to show this to users. One should be really aware of the benefits of using an SSL certificate for a website. The cases when users do not pay attention to the lock sign in the browser […]


You have experienced this error many times on the Chrome browser while visiting a website. Generally, this error goes away when you refresh a webpage. But there are instances when you need an in-depth fix rather than just a simple page refresh. In this guide, we will show how to fix ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR in the Google […]

Top 10 PSU Bank SSL Certificate Survey by HTTPS.IN

PSU Bank SSL Certificate Survey

It’s the 21st century and the pace at which internet users has grown in is just humongous. There are approximately 900+ e-commerce websites active in India. This number goes on increasing every day. About 70% of India’s internet users make an online transaction on these websites. You can’t even estimate the number of transactions done per […]

Phishing and Spoofing – Your Guide to Protect Against Them

The latest Phishing and Spoofing scam took away far more than just PayPal login credentials. Understand the Phishing and Spoofing to secure yourself and your organization from such scams. Also, know how the latest PayPal phishing attack took place. ‘Phishing’ is an attempt by fraudsters to ‘fish’ for your personal/financial / investment details via email. […]

DoH – Understand DNS over HTTPS & Its Future

DNS Over HTTPS Guide

Major Web browsers like Microsoft, Google and Mozilla are increasingly pushing for DNS over HTTPS (DoH). This technology improves the online privacy and security. What is DNS over HTTPS (DoH) Basically, DNS over HTTPS is an extra layer over DNS for privacy and security. Presently we find that some of the modern web browsers are […]

Guide to Choose the best SSL certificate for your website

People are aware of the benefits of an SSL certificate for the website. But how about knowing which is the best SSL certificate for your website? Extended Validation (EV) SSL certificates are the best SSL certificate as it provides the identity of the company, secures from the phishing attacks, increases the conversion rate & builds […]

Delegated Credentials – Faster and More Secure

Delegated Credentials for TLS a new cryptographic protocol announced by Mozilla, in collaboration with Cloudflare, Facebook and other community members of IETF. After, ongoing development for three years by combined efforts of Facebook, Cloudflare and Firefox we can say that this new protocol is about to become an internet standard. Currently, the Internet Engineering Taskforce […]

Here’s everything you need to know about TLS 1.3

It took about more than eight years since the last encryption protocol update, a new version TLS 1.3 published as of August 2018. TLS 1.3 has countless advantages over its predecessors, which is faster and more secure including a handshake and rebuild cipher suites. Technically, SSL 1.0 never officially released, 2.0 and 3.0 had a short […]

Know how to fix mixed content errors on your website

Hey! Facing problem-related to mixed content errors? Don’t worry we are here to help you in detecting and fixing mixed content errors on your website. The mixed content errors occur when there are insecure resources on your website even after installing an SSL certificate on your web server. This can have adverse effects on websites. […]

Your Guide to SSL Certificate for Website – All Types of Websites

  SSL certificate for website has become a mandate after Google’s update. Every website owner/marketer want to build the trust in the mind of first-time visitor. Not implementing SSL certificate on the website may show “NOT Secure” notification to the website visitor; resulting in the suspicious website to the users. In this guide I am […]

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