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Everything About Secure Hashing Algorithm (SHA)

Secure Hashing Algorithm

‘SHA’, a cryptographic algorithm adopted for digital signatures that follows the ‘PKI mechanism’ to secure your data. It produces a unique hash in an unreadable format. This is to make your data secure and unhackable.

The Easiest Guide to Code Signing Certificate.

Code Signing Certificate

Software developers digitally sign their software programs via code signing certificates. This helps the system to verify that the code received is from a reliable source. Thus adding an extra layer of user confidence and trust.

The ‘HTTPS-Only Mode’ Update | Google’s Internet Utopia

Google’s Internet Utopia

Google’s HTTPS-Only Mode, plans to make the previously used HTTP websites inaccessible. As this update is still in its testing phase, the jury is still out on its release dates.

A Beginner’s Guide to DigiCert Smart Seal: What It is & Why Do You Need It For Your Website.

DigiCert Smart Seal

With trust factors evolving each day, DigiCert launched its brand new ‘DigiCert Smart Seal’. We mean it, it is indeed the smartest. Being the first of its kind it displays the brand’s verified logo as the user hovers over it.

The ultimate eCommerce Security checklist for your website

ECommerce Security Checklist

Fostering trust to retain customers is tough for every brand. And, without the website security standards, it’s impossible to do so. So, fight the nasty website threats with this ‘Ultimate eCommerce security checklist’.

Everything about Google Chrome’s Latest Update: Version 90

Chrome 90 HTTPS Update

To make the ‘www’ more secure for all the Chrome users across the world, Google has come up with its latest update; Chrome update version 90. In this article, we’ll discuss Google’s plan to make the internet a better place for netizens.

SSL Certificate for IP Address

SSL Certificate for IP address

There are plenty of enterprise use cases where companies need SSL certificates for IP addresses. Companies use IP addresses to access various types of applications via the internet or intranet.

Verified Mark Certificates and BIMI Standards

Verified Mark Certificates

Verified Mark Certificates aka VMC is a digital certificate that authenticates your organization to display a logo in the email clients. This allows companies to show verified logos in the sender field of email clients.

Everything You Want to Know About SSL PreCertificates.

SSL PreCertificates

SSL PreCertificates is a type of SSL certificate that is intended to provide proof that an SSL certificate has been logged for embedding certificate transparency (CT) data in a certificate directly.

Benefits of Wildcard SSL Certificate

Benefit of Wildcard SSL Certificate

Organizations deploy SSL certificates to ensure data protection. It’s a security standard that enables them to establish an encrypted link between a web server and a client, making it impossible for attackers to intercept the data.

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