A Beginner’s Guide to DigiCert Smart Seal: What It is & Why Do You Need It For Your Website.

DigiCert Smart Seal

Have you ever implemented a Site Seal on any of your websites before?

Well, to brush up on your memory here are some of the pictures of well-known site seals.

DigiCert Smart Seal


If you are new to Site Seal: These site seals are a symbol of trust for most customers. The seal aka the Trust Marks is popular, and they add a great deal of credibility to the website using it.

Trust marks have been used to enforce the genuineness and authenticity of the website in the minds of the website visitors.

What if you are already owning a Site Seal?

This Site Seal are well known as “Static Site Seal” which is associated with SSL certificates. These site seals are clickable static images with less attention-grabbing to your online visitors.

As years are passing by, the innovation in technology is rapidly increasing. Similarly, going forward Static Seal will be replaced by Smart Seal.

Yes, you heard it right! Smart Seal introduced by the most trusted CA – DigiCert.

Let’s talk more about why DigiCert Smart Seal is a big deal.

What is the DigiCert Smart Seal?

With trust factors evolving each day, DigiCert launched its brand new ‘DigiCert Smart Seal’. We mean it, it is indeed the smartest. The DigiCert Smart Seal is the first of its kind as it displays the brand’s verified logo along with plenty of details as the user hovers over it.

Moreover, the smart seal plays the role of a trust magnet as it draws attention towards itself with its attention-grabbing animation. Well, if you have taken extra security measures, why not show it to the world?

Also, once a visitor clicks the smart seal, it displays a detailed splash page that helps them gain visibility on the company’s security practices that too in consumer-friendly terms! What’s more? The splash page gives information about CT monitoring, PCI scan, malware scan, blocked list, and other relevant info, all in one click.

This was just the gist of the innovative DigiCert Smart Seal. Hold on, there is more!

Why do you need The DigiCert Smart Seal?

A trust seal can be the difference between conversion and cancellation on your eCommerce site. A 2020 DigiCert study suggests that 71% of customers look for a site seal before hitting the ‘Pay now’ button.

At times, customers abandon the website due to the absence of these seals. Another study from Crazyegg suggests, websites skyrocketed their conversions and ROI by 48% after displaying the trusted site seal. In fact, small businesses and start-ups get the bang of the buck by using a trust seal. MNCs like eBay or Amazon do not require a site seal. People already trust these e-commerce giants. As for SBMs, a 20% increase in conversions has been observed just by displaying a Smart seal. The premium smart seal rekindles trust, brand recognition, and identity for customers and companies alike.

DigiCert Smart Seal

Nurture trust among your customers.

A company strengthens its bonds of trust with every customer interaction. Communicate to your customers that your brand cares about their online security. With the unparalleled DigiCert Smart Seal, you nurture that trust among your users. Gain confidence among your clients as a website is proactively protecting their data.

A customer trusts your brand once you display your commitment to security and trust is the cornerstone of the business world. Borrow trust from the world’s leading provider of TLS/SSL, IoT and PKI solutions. Also, you are not alone, 89% of the fortune 500 and 97 of the top 100 global banks trust DigiCert with their security.


Let us first understand why you need to switch from the old static site seal to the newly innovated smart seal. The old site seals used by most of us were simple, static images. They could be misused by simply copying them.  An animated seal makes it tough to be replicated. Also, it draws attention towards itself allowing users to click it. Once they do, they gain transparency towards your company’s security measures.

Establish Credibility

The DigiCert site seal displays the information needed to ensure a trustworthy transaction. When a website visitor clicks the Smart seal, they can view all the verified info about your website. A detailed splash page displays all the active web security features. It presents them in consumer-friendly terms which creates utmost transparency and trust, all in one click. Have a look at the image below to know what sheer transparency looks like.

DigiCert Smart Seal Information

Buy a DigiCert Smart Seal

Feature guide of the DigiCert Smart Seal

1) Verified Logo 

For the first time, visitors can view the company’s verified logo as they hover over the DigiCert Smart Seal. DigiCert is the pioneering company to issue this major trustworthy feature. When visitors click on the seal a splash page with elaborated customer-friendly info appears which can be used to check the website’s legitimacy.

DigiCert Smart Seal


2) Encrypted Site

The verified web address of the encrypted website is displayed on the splash page.

3) Organization Name

The DigiCert Smart Seal displays the verified parent company managing the encrypted website.

4) Location Verified

DigiCert also considers displaying the origin country of the organization managing the website.

5) TLS/SSL Certificate 

To maintain the promise of sheer transparency and trust, DigiCert does not fail to mention the expiry date of the TLS/SSL certificate on the splash page.

6) Certificate Type

The splash page mentions the concerned certificate type issued by the organization.

7) Registration

The confirmed registration status is displayed.

8) Address

DigiCert verifies the physical location of the parent company as a security measure.

9) Phone Number

The contact info of the parent company is verified.  

10) E-mail Address

DigiCert verifies the official e-mail address used by the brand.

11) Domain Ownership

DigiCert confirms if the domain ownership of the website registering the certificate is verified.

12) Warranty Level

The customers can gain insights into the warranty amount of the issued certificate.

13) Verified Customer 

Let your customers know how old your bond is with the most trusted name in the TLS/SSL certificate industry.

14) Malware Scan

Instill real-time confidence in the customers as your domain has been checked against 70 plus antivirus scanners and blocklist services.

15) CT Log Monitoring 

Premium DigiCert products like Secure Site Pro certificates give access to a CT log monitoring service. Customers opting for the DigiCert Smart Seal can view the timestamp of the day the CT log monitoring began on their website.

16) Blocklist 

A blacklisted website is not a good sign. Websites having a bad reputation are avoided the most. Let your customers know that your business is free from all government and country-specific blocklists.


Static Site Seal vs DigiCert Smart Seal

EVs AssociatedAll DigiCert ProductsSecure Site & Secure Site Pro

Static Site Seal
DigiCert Smart Seal
Splash Page
Brand Verified Logo
EVs Associated
All DigiCert Products
Secure Site & Secure Site Pro


How to get your DigiCert Smart Seal?

The new DigiCert Smart Seal is available with Secure Site and Secure Site Pro SSL Certificates. You can buy these SSL certificates from our website or talk to our sales team for further information. Our support team will handhold you for the technical aspects of certificate issuance and seal implementation. Also, refer to the technical FAQ for installation queries.

In this fast-paced world, upgrading with the latest technology is mandatory. Upgrade your static seals to the dynamic smart seal today! We would love to help you get your conversions of the charts. Do not miss a chance to be one step ahead of the industry.

Inquire for your DigiCert Smart Seal today!

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