What is SSL Stripping & How to Prevent it?

  What is SSL Stripping?   SSL stripping is a technique by which a website is downgraded from https to http. In other words, the attack is used to circumvent the security which is enforced by SSL certificates on https sites. This is also known as SSL downgrading. The attacks expose the website to eavesdropping... [more]

How does an SSL/TLS Certificate works?

SSL Certificate secures the connection of many business owner's websites. Also, lately the awareness regarding the importance of the SSL Certificate has increased. What is an SSL Certificate?   SSL Certificates, also known as Secure Socket Layer Certificate used to secure connections between the browser and the server. In simple terms, when you... [more]

ssl certificate for e-commerce company

SSL Certificate for eCommerce Website

An eCommerce website is very different from the static website. Customers make an online payment, store credit card info on the website and many more. A... [more]

No more 3 Year SSL Contract

To implement higher security the validity of SSL certificates has been reduced to 2 years. This was decided by the Certificate Authority/Browser Forum (CAB Forum),... [more]

rapid ssl certificate

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