The ‘HTTPS-Only Mode’ Update | Google’s Internet Utopia

Google’s Internet Utopia

With great power comes great responsibility.

We can agree that Google lives by this Peter Parker principle. As the entire planet uses chrome services daily, it falls upon Google to make itself a secure hub.

If you have been following us, you must be aware that we have been constantly updating you on Google’s every update. Be it Chrome update 90 or Chrome update 68, we have kept our numbers clear. However, it is time to make a comeback.

Call it Google’s New year resolution or Pichai, Brin, and Page’s dedication but we are glad the updates are rolling out soon.

In this article, we will be briefing you about Google’s HTTPS-Only Mode update, what it means for you, and how you can secure your website from what is to come.

Let’s dive right into it.

What is the HTTPS-Only Mode?

The chatter is all over the internet. Google’s HTTPS-Only Mode, plans to make the previously used HTTP websites inaccessible. Once the new feature is switched on, any website you wish to surf will automatically upgrade from HTTP to HTTPS. As this update is still in its testing phase, the jury is still out on its release dates. However, you can expect it to roll out with Chrome 93 or Chrome 94.

How to enable the HTTPS-Only Mode?

Once the feature is live, you can find it on Chrome’s security page. It will be available under Settings > Security > Advanced menu.


What if my website does not have HTTPS?

Chrome uses the HTTPS protocol by default. If HTTPS is disabled on your website OR maybe if your website is outdated, Chrome will display a ‘Not secure’ warning. This warning will be displayed before switching back to the HTTP version of your website. Any website already bypassed by the new update will be automatically saved by Chrome.

The update will help users to choose safe browsing options. It intends to inform users of HTTPS protocol’s unavailability on a certain website.

Why should I shift from HTTP to HTTPS?

If you are still wondering whether you need HTTPS for your website, a quick reminder, the clock’s ticking. Upgrade your website before every visitor chooses your competitor as your website says ‘Not secure’ aka ‘Danger’

Around 82.2% of all internet connections support HTTPS. Meaning these websites use a valid SSL certificate which helps them stay miles away from the daunting ‘Not secure’ sign.

Switching from HTTP to HTTPS would be your best resort to secure your website from digital eavesdropping.  Websites with the HTTPS protocol are considered safe to transact with. Also, HTTPS websites rank higher than others.

Higher ranking= Better business.

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How to shift from HTTP to HTTPS?

Simple, get an SSL certificate.

With an SSL certificate, you authenticate your website’s identity and claim to be the REAL website. Once you do that, you are ready to reap the HTTPS benefits. Banks and e-commerce websites NEVER have loose ends on their SSL security. Big NO. Having an SSL certificate installed for such websites is necessary as they contain confidential info. Credit cards, debit cards, contact info, you name it.

Switching to HTTPS is also crucial to save brands from Phishing and spoofing scams. No wonder why Google actively promotes the HTTPS shift.

Online Security for such companies is mandatory. When a website gets its security right, people notice.

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How to get an SSL certificate?

Now there are many SSL certificates, There’s Domain Validated (DV), Organization Validated (OV), Extended Validation (EV), etc.

Woah! do not get confused.

We have an SSL wizard for this very purpose. Head over to the SSL wizard and select the best suitable SSL certificate for your brand. If you need more help, feel free to call our SSL and Cybersecurity experts. We will help you out with all your queries. And yes, we explain the technical mumbo-jumbo in an easy-fun way.

SSL certificate


The HTTPS-Only update will be rolling out soon and the clock’s ticking for websites to finally make the HTTPS switch. Google is head over heels to make the ‘www’ a secure paradise. With the new update, we can expect an online utopia soon.

Stay tuned as we will be updating you about every Google chrome update.

Thanks for reading!

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