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The ‘HTTPS-Only Mode’ Update | Google’s Internet Utopia

HTTPS-Only Mode

With great power comes great responsibility. We can agree that Google lives by this Peter Parker principle. As the entire planet uses chrome services daily, it falls upon Google to make itself a secure hub. If you have been following us, you must be aware that we have been constantly updating you on Google’s every […]

A Beginner’s Guide to DigiCert Smart Seal: What It is & Why Do You Need It For Your Website.

DigiCert Smart Seal

Have you ever implemented a Site Seal on any of your websites before? Well, to brush up on your memory here are some of the pictures of well-known site seals.   If you are new to Site Seal: These site seals are a symbol of trust for most customers. The seal aka the Trust Marks […]

The ultimate eCommerce Security checklist for your website

Purchases through E-commerce websites are skyrocketing amidst the Covid-19 lockdown. Customers are now preferring online shopping instead of the traditional bazaar. Bearing this in mind, it can be observed that India’s e-commerce sales are up by 25% due to the pandemic. At the same time, there has been little news floating about how few eCommerce […]

Everything about Google Chrome’s Latest Update: Version 90

Chrome 90 HTTPS Update

We have been constantly updating you on Google’s every step to make the internet a paradise. We previously informed you about the Google Chrome update and similar movements initiated by Firefox as well.   To make the ‘www’ more secure for all the Chrome users across the world, Google has come up with its latest […]

SSL Certificate for IP Address


There are plenty of enterprise use cases where companies need SSL certificates for IP address. Companies use IP addresses to access various types of applications via the internet or intranet. Based on the organization strategies you would want to secure IP addresses with SSL certificates. In this article, I am going to explain to you […]

Verified Mark Certificates and BIMI Standards

Verified Mark Certificates for BIMI

When it comes to information genuineness we tend to trust only renowned sources. You know which sources to trust when you are reading information on social media, yes, we are talking about verified accounts on social media. To minimize the continuously exploding phishing frauds in the inbox, Certifying Authorities have taken an initiative to issue […]

Everything You Want to Know About SSL PreCertificates.


SSL certificates are widely accepted form of web server certificates to secure data in transit. As we have written much about the SSL certificates, we thought today we should let you know more about the SSL PreCertificates. We understand you may have various questions when it comes to SSL PreCertificates and as listed below, we will […]

Benefits of Wildcard SSL Certificate

Benefit of Wildcard SSL Certificate

As we are aware organizations deploy Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate for their domains to ensure data protection and to restore faith in consumers’ minds. SSL is a standard security technology that enables organizations to establish an encrypted link between a web server and a client. This makes it impossible for attackers to intercept the […]

Self Signed SSL Certificate Security Risk

Self Signed SSL Certificate

Self Signed SSL Certificate – What exactly it is? A self signed SSL certificate is an SSL Certificate which is been issued by an individual, who identifies its own identity. In other words, a self-signed certificate is the one that is created in-house using a tool like OpenSSL, self-signed certificate generator, etc instead of requesting […]

Apple Plans to Shorten the SSL Certificate Validity

Apple plans for shorter certificate validity

A big announcement came out on SSL Certificate validity at the face-to-face meeting of the CA/Browser Forum (CA/B Forum) at Bratislava, Slovakia which was held on 19th February. CA/B Forum is the industry standards group which consists of Certificate Authority (CA) and several of the major browsers. The announcement stated that starting from 1st September […]

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