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Revolutionize Your SSL Game: Prepare for the New Era of Automated Certificate Management

Certificate Management

In today’s digital age, financial companies or any other multi-national companies are worried about how to keep their customer data secure and protected. Cyberattacks are rapidly growing in stature, and as a result, several businesses need to protect themselves to save customer’s sensitive information. In the expansive digital realm of the Internet, digital certificates serve […]

Is the 90-Day Certificate Validity Period Coming Soon?

Is the 90-Day Certificate Validity Period Coming Soon?

Recently, at a CA/B Forum meeting, Google’s Chrome team shared their vision for a new policy related to SSL/TLS certificates. They proposed a 90-day validity period for these certificates, which means certificates would need to be renewed every 90 days. This proposal is not an immediate change, but it starts a conversation about making certificate […]

The 2023 Guide to SSL Certificate for website


Your SSL certificate guide for 2023: how do they work and which SSL certificate is best for your website? Have a look at the most popular SSL certificate authorities in 2023.

Protecting Code Signing Keys with Improved Requirements

Code Signing Key Protection

Code signing is broadly recognized as a critical step in conveying trust to software users and protecting companies from harm caused by cybercriminals in the software supply chains or other types of cybersecurity attacks.

Russian TLS Certs Raises Security Risks

Russian TLS Certs

In the light of the current Ukraine invasion, Russia’s domestic TLS Certificate Authority that bypasses Western sanctions replaces, revokes, and mends expired certificates faces a significant security threat.

SSL vs TLS: Who wins the ‘MOST SECURED’ title?


SSL vs TLS is a never-ending debate. Find out who is the most secure in TLS vs SSL and which one should you use for your website.

Let’s Encrypt will revoke a list of misissued certificates

Let’s Encrypt revoke misissued certificates

Let’s Encrypt, a non-profit organization that helps people obtain free certificates plans to revoke a significant number of its certificates

Re-Enable the Green Padlock in Mozilla Firefox

firefox re-enable padlock

Mozilla Firefox has disabled the Green Padlock and the EV SSL indicators. Understand how to restore the green padlock and the EV SSL indicators back.

Using SSL for SEO helps you Rank Higher (Based on Real Statistics)


Using an SSL for SEO has increased the keyword rank, online visibility and traffic of websites. The study shows why your business must use an SSL for SEO now more than ever

Daddy’s breached! Is your data in it?

GoDaddy security breach

GoDaddy discovered a data breach where data belonging to 1.2 million WordPress customers was exposed on 17th November 2021. The company claims to have had unauthorized third-party access on Monday.

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