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Russian TLS Certs Raises Security Risks

The risks of Russian owned and issued TLS certificates include traffic interception and major man-in-the-middle (MitM) attacks.

SSL vs TLS: Who wins the ‘MOST SECURED’ title?

SSL vs TLS is a never-ending debate. Find out who is the most secure in TLS vs SSL and which one should you use for your website.

Let’s Encrypt will revoke a list of misissued certificates

Let’s Encrypt revoke misissued certificates

Let’s Encrypt, a non-profit organization that helps people obtain free certificates plans to revoke a significant number of its certificates

Re-Enable the Green Padlock in Mozilla Firefox

firefox re-enable padlock

Mozilla Firefox has disabled the Green Padlock and the EV SSL indicators. Understand how to restore the green padlock and the EV SSL indicators back.

Using SSL for SEO helps you Rank Higher (Based on Real Statistics)

ssl for seo

Using an SSL for SEO has increased the keyword rank, online visibility and traffic of websites. The study shows why your business must use an SSL for SEO now more than ever

The 2022 Guide to SSL Certificate for website

2022 guide SSL certificate for website

Your 2022 guide to SSL certificates, how do they work and which SSL certificate is the perfect fit for your website. Have a look at the the most popular SSL certificate authorities in 2022.

Daddy’s breached! Is your data in it?

GoDaddy's data breach

GoDaddy discovered a data breach where data belonging to 1.2 million WordPress customers was exposed on 17th November 2021. The company claims to have had unauthorized third-party access on Monday.

Everything About Secure Hashing Algorithm (SHA)

Secure Hashing Algorithm

‘SHA’, a cryptographic algorithm adopted for digital signatures that follows the ‘PKI mechanism’ to secure your data. It produces a unique hash in an unreadable format. This is to make your data secure and unhackable.

The Easiest Guide to Code Signing Certificate.

Code Signing Certificate

Software developers digitally sign their software programs via code signing certificates. This helps the system to verify that the code received is from a reliable source. Thus adding an extra layer of user confidence and trust.

The ‘HTTPS-Only Mode’ Update | Google’s Internet Utopia

Chrome's latest https update

Google’s HTTPS-Only Mode, plans to make the previously used HTTP websites inaccessible. As this update is still in its testing phase, the jury is still out on its release dates.

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