Verified Mark Certificates and BIMI Standards

Verified Mark Certificates

When it comes to information genuineness we tend to trust only renowned sources. You know which sources to trust when you are reading information on social media, yes, we are talking about verified accounts on social media. To minimize the continuously exploding phishing frauds in the inbox, Certifying Authorities have taken an initiative to issue verified mark certificates for brands to show their brand logo in the email inbox.

To make this challenging task a reality Google announced full support for the movement. This functionality will use BIMI standards (Brand Indicators for Message Identification) to show the verification mark within email clients.

BIMI provides a secure, global framework enabling email inboxes to display sender-designated logos for authenticated messages. It also includes protections to prevent senders from spoofing logos owned by other organizations.

What are the benefits of BIMI?

BIMI offers several important benefits to end-users as well as to marketers across the globe.

  1. BIMI can reduce the number of phishing activities.
  2. It offers improved email security by using existing email authentication technologies like SPF, DKIM, and DMARC.
  3. Provides a great opportunity for every marketer’s email to get read first because of logo recall.
  4. BIMI increases confidence in a recipient’s mind as they see a verified logo against the sender name.

What are Verified Mark Certificates (VMC)?

Verified Mark Certificates aka VMC is a digital certificate that authenticates your organization to display a logo in the email clients. This allows companies to show verified logos (brand logos) in the sender field of email clients. VMCs work on the BIMI standards. Below is the representation of how your email clients will show your brand logos after the implementation of VMC.

Verified Mark Certificate in Action


Benefits of  Verified Mark Certificate (VMC)


Memorable Brand Recall

Your customers cannot forget your brand easily. With VMC, your customers view your brand logo and associate it with trust. This reinforces your brand’s image in your customer’s minds and paves your way towards a loyal customer base effortlessly.

More Trust = More Business

Your customers love shopping with a familiar brand. So why stop? With VMC, your customers associate bring your more business as they trust your brand more. Also, stumbling upon your logo every time you send an email attracts potential customers massively.

Experience a 10% boost in email engagement

Adopted by top companies of the world claim that BIMI gives your brand a 10% boost in email opening rates. Moreover, it helps your customers do business with the real YOU and prevent falling into phishing frauds.

Stand out in a busy inbox!

Displaying your logo sets the spotlight on your brand. In fact, your emails stop being ignored. Additionally, you attract more customers every single day as your brand logo is the first thing they see in their inbox.

Become DMARC Compliant

Through DMARC compliance, demonstrate the highest level of email security. That helps in preventing malicious actors from targeting your customers with identity-based attacks like spoofing and phishing.

How to buy Verified Mark Certificates (VMC)?


You will need a Verified Mark Certificate (VMC) in order to add the brand logo to outgoing emails.

Your organization must meet several key requirements to qualify for a Verified Mark Certificate in order to validate your domain and brand identity

1) Adopt DMARC standards for your organization.

The following departments should be involved: IT

Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting, and Conformance (DMARC) is an email authentication, policy, and reporting protocol that prevents bad actors from spoofing your brand and gives you more control over an email sent and received by your domain.

2) Trademark your logo.

The following departments should be involved: Legal, Marketing

Your logo must be registered with the appropriate office in your region in order to qualify for a VMC.

3) Convert your logo file to the.SVG format.

The following departments should be involved: Marketing

Don’t worry; we will assist you in converting your logo file to .svg

4) Purchase a VMC.

The following departments should be involved: IT

Visit our dedicated website to purchase Verified Mark Certificates (VMCs), where you will find all the information you need.


5) Install your VMC.

The following departments should be involved: IT

As part of your VMC installation, you will need to add the SVG logo file as well as the PEM file we provide to a public server. In addition, you will need to update your BIMI record.


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