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Simple Guide on How to Buy SSL Certificate Online



Know how to Buy SSL Certificate Online & Install SSL on your Website

As you are aware of what is an SSL Certificate and it's importance, let's get into the step by step guide on how to buy the SSL Certificate Online and Install it on your server.


Go through below steps and you will be able to buy and install your SSL Certificate on website safely.


1) Select & Purchase SSL Certificate:


There are many SSL Certificate to choose from with leading SSL Certificate brands. You can always choose any type of SSL Certificate according to your requirement/website.


DV SSL Certificate:


Get Basic encryption within minutes with an affordable DV SSL certificate. E.g. Blog Websites


- Up to 256-bit encryption

- HTTPS browser trust indicator

- Browser secure padlock icon

- A site seal from the respective CA

- Small warranties




OV SSL Certificate:


Protect visitor data and show you’re a real company with an OV SSL Certificate. E.g. SEM & Corporate Websites.


- A clickable site seal from the Certificate Authority

- Verified company name in the certificate

- Up to 256-bit encryption

- Display HTTPS browser padlock




EV SSL Certificate:


Get the green address bar and inspire the most trust with an EV SSL Certificate. E.g. Banking and E-Commerce Website.


- Organization name with secure padlock

- It shows that you put users' safety & concerns first

- Easily differentiates you from your competition

- Proven to increase visitors' confidence in your website & increase conversion




Wildcard SSL Certificate:


Secure your main domain and unlimited sub-domains with a Wildcard SSL Certificate.


- Save money over individual certificate purchases

- One certificate instead of having many certificates for each sub-domain.

- Increase your SERP ranking through HTTPS

- Secure your all sub-domain with one certificate by enabling HTTPS




Multi-Domain SSL Certificate:


Secure different domains with one Certificate with Multi-Domain SSL Certificate.


- Industry-standard 128-256-bit encryption

- DV, OV, and EV options

- HTTPS and the padlock icon

- A site seal from the issuing CA

- Industry-leading warranties

- Convenient for securing multiple FQDNs




Still Confused which SSL certificate to buy?


We have an AI tool which helps you in choosing the right SSL Certificate for your website by entering some details. The tool will suggest you SSL Certificate to buy according to your website.


2) Make Payment:


After adding the SSL Certificate to the cart, make payment for it. We have two payment method for buying an SSL certificate.


Online Payment Method:

We have a simple online payment method, simply pay using a debit card, credit card, UPI, or another online payment method like E-Wallet.


Note- We don’t share or store your card details.


Offline Payment Method:

If you don’t want to pay using a debit or credit card, we have an offline payment method. In this method transfer the money through the bank. The detail will be display while buying the Certificate.


3) Generate a CSR.

Once you have purchased the SSL Certificate, the next step is to enroll your certificate. For enrolment first step is to generate CSR which is very much easy as for that we have a tool which would help you in generating CSR by adding some details. Click here to generate CSR.


* A Private Key is also created at the same time when you create the Certificate Signing Request (CSR) and must be kept safe as it is required for your SSL Certificate to function correctly.


There is a complete list of articles on steps of CSR Generation on a different server.


4) Complete your Enrollment.


After the successful generation of CSR, submit the CSR in your https account, also select the server type.

Then enter the admin, technical, etc information and click on the submit button.

If the CSR value is proper, the enrolment process will be successful.


5) Domain/Business Verification:


After the purchase of the SSL certificate, the Certificate Authority does the verification process to authenticate the website owner. There is two verification process domain verification, and another is business verification.


For DV SSL Certificate, Certificate Authority does Domain verification through E-Mail.

For OV and EV SSL certificate, Certificate Authority does Domain & Business verification through email and call.

Once the verification is done properly, then Certificate Authority issues the SSL.


6) Certificate Issuance:


The Certificate Authority issues the SSL Certificate after the proper verification of the domain/business.


The Issuance of the Certificate for DV SSL Certificate may take minutes, whereas for OV SSL certificate is may take 1-3 days and for EV SSL certificate it may take 1-2 week.


7) Install SSL and Go Live!


After the certificate is issued, go to the account and download the SSL Certificate. Once you have downloaded the SSL certificate, install/configure it on your respective server and go Live.


By following this step, you would Secure your website and will help in securing your customer data and payment details.


Buy SSL Certificate Online is very much an easy step and installing is also much easier. As we provide Free SSL Installation Support if you buy from us.


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