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Multi Domain / SAN SSL Certificates

If you are hosting multiple websites or domains on a single ip or need to configure domains for MS Excahange or MS Office communications server then you require a multi-domain SSL certificate that supports SAN (subject alternave names) based hosting. You can secure upto 99 domain names as a SAN entry in the certificate.

  • Multidomain SSL Certificates

    SAN SSL Cert & MS Exchange SSL Cert

    • A multi-domain SSL certificate for specialized hosting situations.
    • Also known as a unified communications SSL certificate.
    • Get up to 100 SAN names added and secure multiple websites with one certificate.
    • Great data privacy with up to 256-bit encryption for all purchases.
    • Available only in DV & OV validation.

    Multi-domain SSL certificates are useful in shared hosting environments.

    Multidomain Certificates (MD)
    Lifetime Free Unlimited SSL Certificate Support
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  • SSL Wizard

    SSL Selection Guide

    • We will help you determine the right type of SSL certificate.
    • Meet your budget requirements.
    • Ensure you get a great ROI by implementing SSL.
    • Hanhold you in the selection via chat if required.

    Should you be ever confused in selecting the right SSL certificate, we are always on hand to help.

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    SSL Wizard
  • Free Trial Certificates

    Get a Free Trial SSL Certificate

    • No obligation fully functional free trial SSL certificate.
    • Use it for 30 days in your production infrastructure to test SSL.
    • Shows the padlock sign in all web browsers.
    • Great data privacy with up to 256-bit encryption.
    • Available in DV and OV validation options.

    Available in DV and OV validation options only Take a free SSL trial certificates to help website developers get conversant with SSL.

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    Free Trial Certificates

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