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ssl certificate for website


SSL certificate for website has become a mandate after Google’s update. Every website owner/marketer want to build the trust in the mind of first-time visitor. Not implementing SSL certificate on the website may show “NOT Secure” notification to the website visitor; resulting in the suspicious website to the users. In this guide I am trying to give you some right sets of SSL certificates for different types of websites.


Table of content

  1. SSL certificate for WordPress website
  2. SSL certificate for Personal website
  3. SSL certificate for Business websites
  4. SSL certificate for eCommerce websites


Before we begin, I recommend reading our comprehensive guide on the risk of free SSL certificates.


For WordPress websites:

WordPress website are easy to use and customize for quick turnaround. For this same fact, more and more users are turning towards the WordPress based websites.

According to the reports from W3Techs around 60% of the websites are using WordPress as their CMS.

Different types of websites are running on WordPress; ranging from small websites to enterprise level websites. The need of SSL certificate for website for WordPress ranges as per business requirements.

List of SSL certificate for WordPress websites

Brand SSL Cert Discounts
RapidSSL RapidSSL DV Upto 75% Buy Now
Sectigo PositiveSSL DV Upto 67% Buy Now


For Personal websites:

Freelancers from various industries are now getting their website up on the net. This is the great way for them to showcase their portfolio to the internet audience. This also allows freelancers to reach global audience of their respective niche. Personal website may not be managed by the security experts due to which sometimes they are not on par as per the best practices.

Below is some ideal SSL certificate for personal websites.

Brand SSL Cert Discounts
GeoTrust TrueBusinessID Upto 72% Buy Now
Sectigo InstantSSL Upto 70% Buy Now


Also read Checks before purchasing SSL certificate.


For Business websites:

One of the most important aspect that an organization create website is for their business purpose. They may want to target respective countries or may aspire to go global. While they aspire to target new prospects, they do not want to generate the suspicious thoughts in the mind of website visitors. Business generally opt of OV SSL certificate for website as per their business needs.

List of SSL certificate for Business websites

Brand SSL Cert Discounts
GeoTrust TrueBusinessID Wildcard Upto 52% Buy Now
RapidSSL Wildcard Upto 70% Buy Now


For eCommerce websites:

eCommerce websites have become the first place for most of the users to buy plenty of items they need for day-to-day operations. Users are required to enter plenty of information in-order to complete their transactions. SSL certificate on website of these types are must as it can secure whole lot of data in transit. Essential security checklist for ecommerce website is your handy guide when you are dealing with ecommerce websites.

Generally, eCommerce websites want to build greater amount of trust in the mind of website visitor hence the preferred choice for them is EV SSL certificates. EV SSL certificates comes highest level of encryption standards. It helps in protecting the data at the optimum level.

Read the complete guide on SSL certificates for eCommerce websites.

Below is the list of preferred SSL certificates for eCommerce websites.

Brand SSL Cert Discounts
GeoTrust TrueBusinessID with EV Upto 70% Buy Now
Sectigo PositiveSSL EV Upto 40% Buy Now


Also check our latest guide on SSL certificate for web server. It is a comprehensive guide on ideal SSL certificate for various types of web server like Microsoft IIS, Apache, Tomcat & other.

Hope this guide has helped you choose the best SSL certificate for website. Do comment below your choice of SSL certificate.


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