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SSL Certificates for Government Websites

Despite being a greater sense of purpose, government websites, agencies etc are feasibly targeted as a huge ransom for data or transaction theft because of their inconsistency in implementing SSL certificate security to minimize their cyber security risk

Benefits of Installing SSL Certificates on Government Websites:

  • SSL can protect the flow of sensitive information and liquid assets that are transferred online
  • SSL Certificate not only increases the privacy and security but also increases the trust of citizens on government websites
  • Citizen’s value Government Websites and having an SSL Certificate ensures that the sensitive data is transferred over a secured network

Ideal SSL Certificates for Government Agencies

Government websites deal with citizen’s sensitive information; hence they should install either single or multidomain EV Certificate depending on their department and area of expertise.


Below chart simplifies the difference in EV Single and Multi-Domain Certificate:

ssl for goverment websites

DigiCert SSL Certificate
Thawte SSL Certificate
GeoTrust SSL Certificate
RapidSSL SSL Certificate
Sectigo SSL Certificate
DigiCert SSL Certificate