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Types of SSL Certificate

Types of SSL Certificate

Below are the types of SSL Certificate, evaluate the one that syncs with your company

EV SSL Certificate

Extended Validation Certificate has proven to increase Trust and Customer Relation because of its superiority


Extended Validation Certificate has a strict authentication process and will add maximum signs of trust like:

  • The name of your company
  • Country abbreviation
  • And a visible green bar in the browser window which completely ensures your credibility is safe and secure online.

Due to the recent increase in online fraud, latest cyber threat news and scams, the value of this certificate is highly praised.

OV SSL Certificate

When clicked on the Secure Site Seal; OV Certificate gives an enhanced visibility on who is behind the site.


The small padlock and HTTPS prefix in the visitor's browser bar verifies the good faith of a legitimate business.


Though OV Certificate isn’t the top certificate, it certainly provides better value than DV Certificate


The major difference on the superiority reasons is the eye catchy EV Certificate's green bar

DV SSL Certificate

Domain Validation certificate is the cheapest type of certificate with overwhelming risk of online phishing and scams


It provides the lowest form of authentication, i.e. just the proof of control over an internet domain address.


The issuance of this certificate typically takes a minute but such certificates are easy to obtain by anyone who wants to run a phishing site or commit fraud.


As a leading SSL provider, we encourage not to stick with this type of certificate.

Code Signing Certificate

Code Signing SSL certificates are an essential part of publishing downloadable software over the internet. Code signing ensures that any software written and signed is tamper proof, identifiable to an authenticated publisher and recognized without error by every browser as trusted. Code signing is available for Adobe Air, Apple Mac OS, Microsoft code signing, Java code signing, Oracle, MS Windows, VBA, Android and Windows Phone related downloadable software. is proud to offer developers a comprehensive hand-holding service that includes helping application signing and publishing.

Website Anti Malware Scan

A website anti-malware scan is the online equivalent of a desktop PC anti-virus solution. Hackers are constantly attempting to create carriers out of poorly scripted and insecure websites by infecting their code with malware that in turn is downloaded into an un-suspecting website visitor's PC, from where it conducts identity theft or sends other data covertly. Every serious online effort needs to implement a daily website anti-malware scan to identify such threats and remove them before they start infecting visitors and slowing down the site response. Malware could also re-direct visitors to competitor websites and serve up advertisements of an unappealing nature.

All Subdomains SSL Secured (Wildcard)

Wildcard SSL for all your subdomains:
If you need to ssl secure all your subdomains alongwith the main domain, a single wildcard SSL certificate is your best option. All level one sub-domains can be secured by a wild card certificate and this could save you a lot of money and procurement time over single domain ssl certificates. 

Multi-Domain (SAN) SSL Certificates

Multi-domain SSL certificates are a solution for shared web hosting which relies on a single IP address to host multiple domains. A single certificate in most cases cheap and can secure up to 99 additional domains, using the SAN feature of an SSL certificate. Some collaboration applications from Microsoft such as Exchange server also require an SSL certificate of this type to ensure the security of all the domains within their environment.


Private SSL Certificate

Private SSL certificates provide a cost-effective solution to secure internal servers, applications, and IP addresses that do not require public trust yet want to benefit from SSL/TLS encryption. With private SSL certificates, enterprises receive the same high level of security and certificate features of publicly trusted SSL certificates, but the certificates are issued using a private CA which allows for configurations not allowed in public certificates and lower prices.

Note: You can use publicly trusted certificates on internal servers, but this is not always necessary or desirable. Publicly trusted certificates are designed for use on public-facing websites, and they may not be appropriate for internal servers that do not require public trust.

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