Benefits of Wildcard SSL Certificate

Benefit of Wildcard SSL Certificate

As we are aware organizations deploy Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate for their domains to ensure data protection and to restore faith in consumers’ minds. SSL is a standard security technology that enables organizations to establish an encrypted link between a web server and a client.

This makes it impossible for attackers to intercept the data flow (between a web server and a client) and use the information. SSL is an absolute necessity for e-commerce or for organizations that collect sensitive data.

The benefits of an SSL Certificate are limitless however this can be a daunting task for a new company that decides to have multiple subdomains of a single domain. Here’s where a Wildcard SSL Certificate is proving to be a boon for such websites saving them time and costs.

What is a Wildcard SSL Certificate?

Wildcard SSL Certificate is a private key certificate that can secure all related (unlimited number of) first-level subdomains of the principal domain, thus eliminating the need of buying an SSL certification for each of them. It lets you specify additional hostnames such as email addresses, IP addresses, URLs, DNS names, etc. to be protected by a single certificate. In a nutshell, using a Wildcard SSL Certificate you can secure unlimited sub-domains on a single domain name.

For Example:

A single wildcard certificate for https://* will secure all these subdomains on the https://* domain:



Let us dig into the benefits of Wildcard SSL Certificate and understand why you should buy a wildcard SSL certificate.

Secure Multiple Sub-Domains

Benefits of Wildcard SSL Certificate


  • Secure Unlimited Sub-Domain

As website security is an important factor nowadays, a wildcard SSL certificate helps in securing not just a domain, but also unlimited sub-domain. With a single Wildcard SSL Certificate, the user can secure an unlimited sub-domain of a domain.

  • Cost Saving SSL certificate

An organization having n number of sub-domains have to deploy n number of SSL Certificate, which lead to a huge amount of spending on website security. But, with wildcard SSL certificate organization doesn’t have to worry about the huge cost. As with single Wildcard SSL certificate organizations can secure unlimited sub-domains without any additional cost. Many SMBs prefer Wildcard SSL certificate for their website.

  • Easy SSL Management

Wildcard SSL Certificates not only save you costs while securing unlimited sub-domains, they also make things easier to manage. If you have to say 15 different SSL certificates, deploying them will be a hassle even with a managed interface. Further, you will have to repeat the exercise at every renewal, thus blocking a lot of your resources.

  • Fastest Issuance certificate

Customers can get a Wildcard SSL certificate within two days, as the certificate doesn’t follow long verification processes like extended validation (EV) certificate. It takes a few minutes for issuance if CA follows the domain verification method to verify the business.

  • User Trust

Wildcard SSL Certificate provides your website with a Trust indicator known as “Padlock”. This padlock indicates that the website is secure because of SSL encryption. Customers will put trust on your website as the site is secure with a high-grade SSL Certificate – “Wildcard SSL Certificate”.



A Wildcard SSL Certificate is the Best SSL Certificate for an organization that needs to secure many sub-domains at a low cost. Many SMBs choose the Wildcard SSL Certificate to secure their many sub-domains.

The only drawback of Wildcard Certificates is that since it has one common private key across all servers, one server being compromised can make others vulnerable to the threat. However, this is very unlikely to happen given the complexity of the encryption.

Finally, Wildcard SSL Certificates is the best Certificate to choose as it not only saves costs while securing unlimited sub-domains, it also makes things easier to manage.

Wildcard SSL Certificate

Related queries regarding Wildcard SSL Certificate


  • Should I use a wildcard certificate?

Yes, Wildcard Certificate will help you in securing n number of sub-domains of a domain at a reasonable cost.

  • What is the difference between SAN and Wildcard SSL Certificate?

According to the OpenSRS blog, a wildcard certificate allows for unlimited subdomains to be protected with a single certificate.

For example, a Wildcard certificate for will secure all these sub-domains:,, and many more sub-domains.

A SAN certificate allows for multiple domain names to be protected with a single certificate.

For example, you could get a certificate for  Simultaneously you can add more SAN values to have the same certificate protect,, and even

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