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Sectigo InstantSSL Premium Wildcard (OV)

1 YEAR @ 214 PER YEAR List Price: 1,238
SAVE 1,024
2 YEAR @ 187 PER YEAR List Price: 2,166
SAVE 1,792
3 YEAR @ 178 PER YEAR List Price: 3,330
Popular Product Package
SAVE 2,796
4 YEAR @ 174 PER YEAR List Price: 4,024
SAVE 3,328
5 YEAR @ 171 PER YEAR List Price: 5,225
SAVE 4,370
Validation Type : OV
Issuance : 1-3 days
Warranty : $250,000
Reissue : Unlimited
Malware Scan
Vulnerability Assessment
Site Seal : Static
SAN Support
Server Licensing : Unlimited
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Additional Domain(s):
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Buying a multi-year SSL certificate?

WildCard Rating
Site Seal

Product Summary

This certificate will protect and all of the associated subdomains like,, etc. Also, since this is an Organization Validated (OV) certificate, it will help enhance the trust in your website by activating imagery like "https", the padlock icon next to the URL, and the Sectigo Site Seal, which will display real-time company data when a user clicks it. This wildcard SSL certificate is an excellent option for medium-sized companies and eCommerce sites that wish to bolster the trust their users will have with them.

Business Validated
Mobile Friendly

What an SSL Certificate Looks Like in Internet Explorer


What an SSL Certificate Looks Like in Mozilla Firefox

Google Chrome

What an SSL Certificate Looks Like in Google Chrome


What an SSL Certificate Looks Like in Opera


What an SSL Certificate Looks Like in Safari

Features and Benefits
  • Secure multiple subdomains with one certificate
  • Full business validated certificate
  • Supports 2048-bit  and 4096-bit public key encryption
  • Trusted by all popular browsers
  • 99.3% browser compatibility
  • $250,000 Warranty
  • Up to 256-bit encryption
  • Unlimited Re-issuance Policy
  • Full telephone, email, and web support
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!
  • FREE 24/7 Technical Support
Product Specification
  • Multiple subdomains on a Single Domain Name
  • Issued Within 1-3 Days
  • Validation of both domain name and company details
  • Domain Name and Business Name Shown On Certificate
  • 256-bit encryption
  • 99.3% Browser Compatible
  • Free Unlimited Server Licenses
  • Includes Sectigo Site Seal
  • Warranty $250,000
  • Unlimited Reissuance
Sectigo Brand

Well, 7 of the 10 top fortune 500 companies in the world are using Sectigo branded certificates. If you want your business to be trusted on a level similar to the top companies on the planet, Sectigo certificates are a great place to start. This brand is one of the most trusted in the world, as Sectigo certificates are the most common SSL on the internet. Online customers are running into the Sectigo trust seal regularly, and they are quickly recognizing that websites protected by this brand are safe to do business with. As this brand offers a wide range of certificates under its umbrella, businesses of all shapes and sizes are sure to find a security solution that matches their exact needs.

SSL Installation & Support

Once you put in your trust to buy an SSL certificate from we equally put in the same amount of effort to secure your business. What you get is uninterrupted technical support from our SSL experts who can help you install the SSL certificate on your servers.

You can install an SSL certificate in two ways as follows,

1. If you are tech-savvy and want to install by yourself, we have a complete guide to installing an SSL certificate to help you get started.

2. Our technical team will contact you within 2-3 hours of your purchase and helps you install an SSL certificate by guiding you exact steps. If you do not receive a callback within a stipulated time, always submit your request by visiting our SSL installation support section.

    Compatible Browsers:

  • chrome
  • firefox
  • ie
  • opera
  • safari
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