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Everything You Want to Know About SSL PreCertificates.

SSL PreCertificates

SSL PreCertificates is a type of SSL certificate that is intended to provide proof that an SSL certificate has been logged for embedding certificate transparency (CT) data in a certificate directly.

Benefits of Wildcard SSL Certificate

Benefit of Wildcard SSL Certificate

Organizations deploy SSL certificates to ensure data protection. It’s a security standard that enables them to establish an encrypted link between a web server and a client, making it impossible for attackers to intercept the data.

Self Signed SSL Certificate Security Risk

Self Signed SSL Certificate

A self-signed SSL certificate is issued by an individual, who identifies their own identity. It is created in-house using tools like OpenSSL, self-signed certificate generator, etc instead of requesting a CA to do so.

Apple Plans to Shorten the SSL Certificate Validity

Apple’s Safari browser

A Big announcement stated Apple’s Safari browser will consider SSL certificates valid only for 398 days. Right from 1st September 2020, the certs will be valid for 1 year+ a renewal grace period.

Check Website’s SSL Certificate Information

SSL Certificate Information

An SSL Certificate contains info like the validity period, company, type of SSL Certificate, domain name etc. You must be aware of how your SSL certificate displays its security terms.



Generally, this error goes away when you refresh a webpage. But there are instances when you need an in-depth fix rather than a simple refresh.

Top 10 PSU Bank SSL Certificate Survey by HTTPS.IN

PSU Bank SSL Certificate Survey

Ever wondered what makes your bank’s online security so trustworthy? Read the survey by HTTPS.IN about Top 10 PSU banks SSL certificates.

Phishing and Spoofing – Your Guide to Protect Against Them


Phishing and Spoofing scams took away far more than PayPal’s login credentials. Understand Phishing and Spoofing and study how the latest PayPal phishing attack took place.

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