Online security: A major hurdle for organizations

Online Security

The biggest growing market in recent years has undeniably been the internet. But with the increasing importance of the world wide web and the offering of a number of digital services, the need for Online Security is becoming just as important. Technology has developed in a way, that was not adequately mirrored by the corporations participating in it, thus lacking much needed Online Security measures to protect themselves and their customers.

If you have your own website, you have to ask yourself one question – have you ever thought about the safety of your digital properties and those of your customers with Online security?

Think of it as if you were a retail store owner trying to minimize the risks of fraud and theft by installing surveillance cameras and securing your products inside the store, so they can’t be taken away without you noticing. You also want Online security for your website, which deals with a different form of goods that is nonetheless very important: information.

Your website may be used to offer services to customers, exchange information with other businesses or to even store important corporate Intel. In the information age everything is of value and can be misused in a number of ways, unless we take the necessary precautions against attacks, as performed by hackers, we are in danger to loose a lot of money, integrity and customers through an attack that might have been easily avoided through investing in Online Security.

An SSL certificate on your website is the first important step in order to hide away information shared and broadcast by your site from potentially harmful eyes. You may have seen this before on other websites that start with https:// instead of http:// at the beginning of a URL.

Online security - How to secure your website

Must secure your website

Nowadays those encrypted sites are prominently displayed with green padlock signs in the Web browser, to signal a user, that their session with the site is encrypted. The process makes sure all communication is secured with a key that is not easily retrievable by third parties and therefore communication and information exchange is secure and cannot be read by a third party. If SSL certificate is not used by a website, the information exchanged would be in simple text format which is easily intercept able and readable for anyone willing to.

The risks of not investing in Online Security are bigger than most business owners anticipate. The larger the company and the more potential data sets any given business owns, the higher the risk of attacks and data theft. Large businesses like Yahoo or Sony have been in the news for alleged hacking and stolen data sets of customers, but smaller businesses get targeted as well, as those are often lacking fundamental Online Security measures and therefore are an easy target.

Unrelated to the risks, securing your website and the communication with your customers will establish a trusting and appreciative environment to conduct your daily business. Especially since technology does not stop evolving, it is only logical to stay on top of the game when it comes to Cyber Security to be always one step ahead when taking necessary precautions.

After you have considered this, all you need to do is check if online security is not adhered to and the company does not have the resources to migrate to HTTPS, it is best to get a specialist onboard to enable to do so by visiting HTTPS.IN.

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