Why Your Business Needs SSL Certificate Security

Business need SSL security

Ever since Google announced its preference for HTTPS sites (in 2014), websites have been debating if they should get the Secure Sockets Layer or SSL certificate. SSL is a standard security technology that enables organizations to establish an encrypted link between a web server and a client. This makes it impossible for attackers to intercept the data flow (between a web server and a client) and use the information.

SSL certificate is important as it encrypts the transmitted information thus protecting user’s personal data and browsing habits. From a business’s perspective, SSL certificate informs website visitors that it is a safe site. This instills confidence with the consumer thus increasing their revisits. This positively impacts the website’s reputation. Though most customers do not understand the SSL tag, many are aware that the lock icon signifies a safe site. Therefore, an average consumer may not understand the difference between http:// and https://, organizations should get the lock icon to prevent data loss and gain users’ trust. As the internet users’ awareness regarding HTTPS grows, the necessity to move from HTTP increases.

Technology has changed the retail landscape forever, ecommerce websites are mushrooming across the globe. This has made it easier to collect user’s personal data from various channels to offer customized solutions. It is thus important for websites to have proper measures in place to protect the collected information. SSL security has become an integral part of every successful digital strategy as it can be leveraged to gain customer confidence. SSL certification has been an industry norm for quite some time in the developed markets and is fast catching-up across the globe. No matter what the size of the organization is, it will have to get the SSL certificate sooner or later for better security for their website data.

Looking at the market scenario and the rapid technological changes, it is easy to enlist the following business benefits of SSL Certificate Security:

Enhanced Website Ranking
Every website wants a better search rank. Google has officially announced that HTTPS may break ties between two equal searches. Thus getting SSL certificate directly impacts a website’s online reputation.

Gain Visitor Trust
Today’s digital natives understand the importance of cyber-security and are aware of the measures companies take to secure the information. Most organizations leverage cyber-security safety feature deployed by them to gain visitor trust.

Boosts Revenue
An SSL encryption is a visual indicator for the consumers to believe and share their information with the
website. As organizations gain visitor confidence by leveraging the deployed safety features, it becomes
easy for them to convert visitors into customers thus boosting the business revenues.

Enriches Authentication
A website may add several layers of safety to its collected information. SSL certification is another layer
of security that encrypts the data and protects the information from either being stolen or misused. This
enriches the overall information exchange between customer and the website.

Regulatory Requirement
According to the Payments Card Industry (PCI) compliance norms, an online business has to have an at
least 128 bit SSL certification with proper encryption. The PCI standards also require the SSL certificate
from a trusted source only. According to their mandate, a site will be able to take card payments only if
it uses the right strength of encryption and provides a private connection on any page that requires
customers to enter personal information.

Shields against Phishing
Another unique benefit of getting the SSL certificate is that it protects against Phishing. Since phishing
involves cloning a website or a webpage, it is almost impossible to have an SSL certified cloned website.
This is an added advantage of getting a SSL certification.

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