SSL Certificate for E-commerce Website

Primary concerns for e-commerce websites

The success of your e-commerce startup depends on various important factors. SSL is one of the most prominent factors out of these. The websites using SSL certificates are usually the sites which require their end users to provide sensitive information like credit/debit card passwords, personal data etc. There are two primary reasons why an e-commerce website must invest in an SSL certificate. One of the factors which help in deriving your SEO/Google rankings:

  • Security of information: No one in this entire world, would like to put his/her sensitive information at risk. It is much obvious; anyone would take a concern about the safety of personal data while providing such sensitive information through online gateways. There could be devastating outcomes if such a sensitive information is compromised. It is the responsibility of the merchant to provide a completely safe environment for the customers.
  • Trust enhancement: SSL certificate for e-commerce website is important from the customer’s trust point of view. Online security has always been an issue for users. Theft of sensitive or personal data through online mode is an everyday stuff nowadays. That’s why users are now more cautious towards the security of environment/website in which they are transacting. SSL certification is like a trust seal which injects confidence among users.

Why SSL Certificates for e-commerce websites?

We know that why SSL is important for e-commerce websites but still, we are presenting few facts here, which you should know before buying an SSL certificate for your e-commerce website:

  • Credit card information: There are numerous websites which ask customers to provide credit/debit card passwords during the checkout process. In these scenarios, it is the responsibility of e-commerce website owner to make the online transaction error free & secure. An SSL encryption ensures a secure transaction between web server & web page. The keys required to decrypt the information is known only to the web server & web page and hence makes it impossible for any third person to hijack the information.
  • 3rd party payment gateway: In case you use a 3rd party payment platforms like PayPal, you won’t directly need an SSL encryption but it does act as a trust seal. Please make sure that green address bar or “HTTPS” is visible to the users when he/she is forwarded to the payment gateway.
  • Login forms: Impersonation of any user can be avoided by the websites asking for login forms (usernames & passwords) with the help of an SSL encryption. If you are concerned with your investment budgets, a cheap SSL certificate with login forms would work efficiently.
  • Shopping ads: Generate business for your e-commerce website by posting shopping adds on google. But there’s a condition here, Secure your website’s payment checkout with the SSL encryption.

The final conclusion is: Doesn’t matter how small or big your e-commerce website is; you must have your website encrypted with an SSL certificate. This is also required for PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliance & helps in improving your SEO rankings. Visit us for more details on SSL certificate for e-commerce websites.

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