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Why is EV SSL Certificate Important For Banking?

The most targeted sectors on the digital platform by the hackers are the financial institutions. Banking and insurance websites need extra security to prevent it from the prying eyes of the cyber thieves.The sensitive information that the customer share on these websites cannot be left unsecured.  The security norms of... [more]

SSL Certificate for E-commerce Website

An e-commerce website is very different from the static website as customers are required to make an online payment on the website. Hence an E-Commerce website needs stronger security to protect from any attacks. In this article, you will learn why should E-commerce site have SSL Certificate and which SSL Certificate... [more]

E-Commerce SSL Certificate Solutions

Setting up your startup with a mere online website doesn’t enrich your business. For the business to become successful, you must draw the hardly divertible attention of visitors towards your website. How to draw the attention of customers’? The answer to this question hides behind a few sets of questions.... [more]

Why use SSL Certificate?

What is SSL Certificate? The SSL certificate is a protocol that creates a secure bridge between the browser and the server and provides a secure environment for data traffic. Currently, SSL becomes a necessity for e-commerce and other online merchants. Online shopping has replaced street shopping. When users enter their personal... [more]

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