How does an SSL/TLS Certificate works?

SSL Certificate secures the connection of many business owner’s websites. Also, lately the awareness regarding the importance of the SSL Certificate has increased.


What is an SSL Certificate?

SSL Certificates, also known as Secure Socket Layer Certificate used to secure connections between the browser and the server. In simple terms, when you make an online transaction this SSL provides a safe tunnel or connection. So that your confidential information safeguarded from hacker/intruder attacks.

According to one’s usage, there are types of SSL Certificates to choose from.

But most people aren’t aware of how does an SSL certificate work. To understand the working of an SSL certificate. Encryption and Authentication are the major part of the working of the SSL certificate.


How SSL Certificate works?

1) how SSL Certificate works

When a web browser visits a website it first checks whether an SSL Certificate associated with it or not. Provided there is, then SSL handshake starts.

2)  SSL_Handshake

During the SSL handshake process, the website browser checks the validity of the SSL Certificate and makes sure that the website is authenticated properly.

3) how_SSL_Certificate_Works

All SSL certificates come with a private key and public key. These keys separately handle encryption and decryption. During the SSL handshake keys help to secure connection between the browser and the server.

4) session_key

Once the client confirms the validity of the SSL certificate, “session key” gets created by the client and server.

5) secure_connection

The secure connection established after the completion of the SSL handshake. Now the web browser (Client) and the server can have a secure connection across the internet.

Is Certificate SSL or TLS?

The SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol encrypt and secure the transmitted data. Each time a new and more secure version gets released, only the version number gets altered to reflect the change (e.g., SSLv2.0). After the SSLv3.0 further, all updated version was renamed as TLS instead of SSL.  We are currently on TLS 1.3.

People use the “SSL” term most commonly than “TLS”. When you purchase an SSL Certificate you are getting a TLS Certificate (RSA or ECC).


The article clears the concept of how SSL Certificate works. You can also learn about the top 5 risks of not having an SSL Certificate on your website.

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