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Your Guide to understand DPI (Deep Packet Inspection)

DPI (Deep Packet Inspection) is a technology which allows network owners to know the content of the Packet which is transmitted in real time. Which contains the origin and destination address along with other relevant info to move the packet across the network. The introduction of DPI has drastically changed the process.... [more]

Phishing Attack- Is a Website Using a Standard SSL Safe?

An SSL certificate is one of the first steps that is deployed by the website owners to protect their website from cyber attacks and thefts.  To some extent, it shields the website from the so-called cyber attacks but it is not a full proof solution. Though, the technology has evolved... [more]

How Google’s new update can Impact your website traffic?

Google seems to have adopted a motto to make this internet a safe & secure place for all of us. They have been rolling out updates back to back which has been marking websites with no SSL certificates. Continue under that motto Google is all set to make another big... [more]

The Trust is Broken when Private Keys are Misappropriated

In March 2015, Ponemon Institute published a report which analyzed the business failures associated with compromised company keys and certificates.  The report states that of the 2300 IT Security Professionals around the globe. 59% admit lack of Security policy enforcement, remediation of Keys and certificates where they located and how... [more]

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