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Benefits of Wildcard SSL Certificate

The merits of switching from HTTP (or Hyper Text Transfer Protocol) to HTTPS (or HTTP Secure) are limitless however this can be a daunting task for new company that decides to have multiple subdomains of a single domain. Wildcard SSL Certificate are proving to be a boon for such websites saving them time and costs. Typically, […]

Why Your Business Needs SSL Certificate Security

Ever since Google announced its preference for HTTPS sites (in 2014), websites have been debating if they should get the Secure Sockets Layer or SSL certificate. SSL is a standard security technology that enables organizations to establish an encrypted link between a web server and a client. This makes it impossible for attackers to intercept […]

How To Rank Better in 2017 ? Start with SSL Certificate

Google has been actively endorsing SSL certification since 2014. In their official webmasters blog titled, “HTTPS as a ranking signal”, which was published in August 2014, they had recommended HTTPS encryption for all. The blog also states that, “Security is a top priority for Google. We invest a lot in making sure that our services […]

Switching from http to https | http vs https

In today’s connected world consumers are overwhelmingly looking for security. They very well know and understand that a breach with one device can infect other connected devices. This also makes them conscious of accessing only those links that ensure cyber-security. Organizations too are rapidly embracing cyber-security to ensure their business data, consumer data and a […]

Mozilla Firefox 52 Show You The Security Level

Firefox 52 update implies that all website should have basic SSL certificate implemented on it. With online security becoming a major concern of users, browser are constantly adding new upgrades. Browsers are flagging insecure content/pages right on screen so that online users are well aware about their communications with website, latest being Firefox 52 update. […]

Top 10 Website Security Myths Revealed

While it is most important to run an online business or have a website presence in this digital era; it is equally important to secure your website from hackers to temper your data and steal your valuable asset. SSL Certificate is the exact choice when it comes to website security solution but there has been several myths […]

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