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Essential Checklist for E commerce website security.

Checklist for E commerce website security

The Global growth in E-Commerce transactions has increased the Security challenges. So, here’s an essential checklist to prevent hackers from hacking your business.

IRDAI Guidelines on Cyber Security.

IRDAI Guidelines

Recent Cyber-attacks have forced the formulation of the IRDAI Guidelines on Cyber Security. They’ve designed a framework that can provide ultimate security and protection against breaches.

Risks of a Free SSL Certificate.


A website with a Free SSL certificate is an open invitation to hackers. Read the risks involved of using a free SSL Certificate Vis-a-vis a paid SSL Certificate.

SEBI Guidelines for Stock-brokers & Sub-brokers on Cyber Security

SEBI Guidelines for Brokers

Most of us are familiar with the stock markets, mutual funds and investments. But it is important to have someone who can regulate the securities for matters connected therewith.

Reserve Bank of India’s Guidelines on Cyber Security

RBI Guidelines on Cyber Security

A quantum of cyber-attacks has risen up due to the lack of updated security measures. Read how Reserve Bank of India’s protects its customers from data breaches with these Cyber Security.

Why Companies must have a Cyber security disaster mitigating Policy. (CAMP)

Cybersecurity Mitigating Policy

When it comes to containing the Cybersecurity attack, it is important to have effective policies in place. Organizations must be geared up to face and secure the data in event of a cyber-attack.

Data privacy- Positive Impact on Software Services Export from India

Software Services Export

Data privacy is what humans seek the most. Understand how Data privacy has its positive impacts on the Indian software services exports.

Top 5 Checks before purchasing an SSL Certificate (Infographic)

checklist for ssl security

Understand SSL certificates and what do you need to focus on when buying one. Buy the best SSL certificate in the industry and give your website the security measures it deserves.

How to Verify Installation of SSL certificate (DIY Guide)

Verify Installation of SSL certificate

Installed your SSL certificate? But did you check if it works perfectly? Here are a few handy actionable steps to do and verify if your SSL certificate is doing what it’s supposed to.

Google’s new Mandate for .app TLD

SSL Certificate Now Mandatory

Google’s recent announcement states that it is working on its “Safe internet for all” motto. Also, it’s a major milestone as it is the first TLD requiring HTTPS communication.

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