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Website security need of the time – SSL Certificate

Insecure server – Vulnerable to attack! The security of a web server which is hosting a website is equally important as securing a website (SSL certificate) itself. A web server is made up of multiple layers, hence severely prone to attack. More the number of layers or blocks, more the chances... [more]

How to Secure My Website?

Sensitive, Critical & Confidential information at stake! Various websites provide a variety of services on the Internet. We all want to accomplish our desires in order to get complete satisfaction, and these desires are the origin of online services. Fulfilling your wishes or making online transactions is not wrong in any... [more]

An Easy Guide to Website Security

Website security is important! Why? Running a website for business or personal purposes requires us to ensure that the websites are completely secure. There are a number of reasons to ensure website security, few of them are listed below: Prevents your website against virus attacks To prevent phishing emails being sent through... [more]

SSL Certificate providers in Mumbai

Why SSL? SSL certificate is used to protect your sensitive information (credit/debit cards passwords, Medical information, bank account numbers etc.) from hackers and smart thieves SSL certificate enhances security of your website, hence increases trust among visitors It is also required for PCI compliance Also, helps in improving SEO... [more]

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