An Easy Guide to Website Security

website security

Website security is important! Why?

Running a website for business or personal purposes requires us to ensure that the websites are completely secure. There are a number of reasons to ensure website security, few of them are listed below:

  • Prevents your website against virus attacks
  • To prevent phishing emails being sent through your website
  • Get a better SEO (google) ranking
  • Protects your business from cyber-attacks & to protect against losing critical data
  • To create a confidence among your customers that the transaction through your website is safe & secure

Outcomes-If your website is not secure!

Believe me! The outcomes you’re going to receive are not exemplary, if your website is not secure & is vulnerable to attack by hackers. May be you would end up losing your startup/business. If your website is not secure then attackers can target your website & gather sensitive data of your customers.

A very large range of hacking tools are available with the hackers. The important ones are:

  • (MITM) Man in the middle attack

This is where details are accessed between your website & user’s browser

  • Malware uploads

This includes injecting of malware into your website through vulnerabilities in the code

Ways to secure your website:

As the threat to cyber security has been increased in the past, number of solutions to provide cyber security has also increased equally. But we are going to describe two main ways to secure your website:

  • Switch to HTTPs from HTTP
  • Use a website security seal with malware detection

SSL Certificate

The most prominent way to protect your website is switching to “https” from “http”. This is done by using SSL certificate.

  • By default, the websites are hosted on http rather than https. HTTP is not secure. The data communication between a web page & web server can be attacked easily
  • HTTPs creates a secure, encrypted connection between the web browser & your website so that it can avoid any interception of data passed between them
  • As just SSL is not enough for security but google has made it very clear that SSL plays a very important role in SEO rankings of their websites
  • SSL are not expensive & they are easy to install. For more help, visit and learn how to install SSL Certificate.

Website security seal

  • Website seal security feature monitors your website looking for viruses uploaded by attackers
  • It is similar to an anti-virus for your website. As anti-virus prohibits the access of any malicious code in to the software, the security seal prohibits the malware
  • Security seal informs you about the malware detected, if any. You can remove it successfully after its detection
  • Level of service decides the website security seal that you would use

Cost to secure my website?

The cost for an SSL certificate is as low as Rs. 5/- per day. Visit us to buy SSL Certificate at this pocket friendly offer.