Top 10 Website Security Myths Revealed

Website Security Myths & Facts

While it is most important to run an online business or have a website presence in this digital era; it is equally important to secure your website from hackers to temper your data and steal your valuable asset.

SSL Certificate is the exact choice when it comes to website security solution but there has been several myths and misperception which we have identified and listed below.


MYTH: Encryption is only for organizations that have compliance requirements.

TRUTH: If you’ve got data about your products, customers, employees, or market that you believe is sensitive/competitive, then you should always encrypt it, whether there’s legal obligation or not.


MYTH: SSL encrypts data everywhere.

TRUTH: SSL only encrypts data in motion, NOT at rest. Companies should always secure their data as it’s written to a disk, regardless of how long it will be stored.


MYTH: Encryption is too complicated and requires too many resources.

TRUTH: Data encryption doesn’t have to be difficult, as long as you understand the type of data that requires encryption, where it lives, and who should have access to it.


MYTH: Encrypted data is secure data.

TRUTH: Many organizations fail to effectively manage their encryption keys by either storing them on the same server as the encrypted data or allowing a cloud provider to manage them. Good key management, with strong policy enforcement, makes all the difference.


MYTH: If your data is encrypted, it can’t be stolen.

TRUTH: Companies should expect their data to be compromised at some point because no security solution will protect data 100% of the time. However, data encryption can make the aftermath of a breach much less destructive since encrypted data cannot be decrypted without the key.


MYTH: Only website login pages require HTTPS.

TRUTH: This myth could not be any more false. Pages beyond the login page without HTTPS increase the chances of sessions getting hijacked, especially when connected to public, unencrypted networks.


MYTH: HTTPS slows down websites.

TRUTH: HTTPS has no real noticeable effect on website speed.


MYTH: SSL Certificates are too expensive.

TRUTH: If you shop around, SSL Certificates can be found at affordable prices. When considering the long-term implications of data breach without proper protection, purchasing a good SSL Certificate is in fact not expensive at all when compared to the consequences without one.


MYTH: There is no caching on HTTPS sites.

TRUTH: Simply put, you can prompt web browsers to cache HTTPS sites by using response headers.


MYTHS: All the certificates provided by CA are the same.

TRUTH: No they are not. There are several types of certificates but not all can be trusted to the same degree and they offer different features. For example DV, OV and EV certificates. Check this page for more Types of SSL Certificate


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