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How to Get an SSL Certificate for Your Website

SSL Certificates are compact data files which digitally attach a cryptographic key to sensitive details transacted. When you install the SSL Certificates on a web server, it enables the padlock and the "https" protocol. Consequently, SSL permits secure connections from a web server to a browser. Steps for Getting an SSL... [more]

Comparision of Various SSL Certificates

With the ever growing concern about security in website transactions, getting an SSL Certificate has become a vital duty for every website owner. Be it your own website or a shared web server that you use, you need to get an SSL Certificate in order to ensure enough trust and... [more]

Get SSL Certificate for Your Website

Secure Socket Layer (SSL) forms the foundation of most secure website transactions, of late. From verifying the authenticity of a website to encrypting sensitive payment details. SSL provides a robust security framework for every successful website reigning on the internet. As per RBI Guidelines, it is compulsory to have an... [more]

The Vulnerable Side of Self Signed Certificates

As more and more businesses are moving to online transactions and interactions. Many companies are looking for more profits but at the expense of web security !! The SSL security is one area which gets the axe first. Generally this security gap is filled by Self-Signed certificate but here is a... [more]

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