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SSL Certificate Myths

The mushrooming online businesses cannot run without a full proof security plan for their websites. They need to secure their communication channels which are used to connect with their clients. SSL certificate acts as a protective shield that prevents the website from intruders and getting hacked. Though SSL certificates have so much... [more]

Increase your website speed after Installing SSL Certificate

SSL Certificate is an essential component of every website. It ensures the security of online data and also the confidential information shared by the customers. It is the sole responsibility of the business or the enterprise to keep the sensitive data of the customers intact and safe. These issues highlight... [more]

SSL Certificates – Drawbacks and Solution

SSL certificates are the ones that provide the much needed online protection to the user and the website. They are the protective walls that keep the websites safe and fight against the major cyber threats. And also the infamous man-in-the-middle attacks. The hackers are fond of these two intrusion techniques... [more]

Get SSL Certificate for Web Server

You bear the responsibility to ensure 100% security for any online business done through web servers. The reasons for this security concern are ever increasing frauds and identity thefts. The more your web server will provide assurance of security, the better will be the prospect of increasing your customers. In... [more]

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