E-Commerce SSL Certificate Solutions

Setting up your startup with a mere online website doesn’t enrich your business. For the business to become successful, you must draw the hardly divertible attention of visitors towards your website. How to draw the attention of customers’? The answer to this question hides behind a few sets of questions. Put yourself in your customers’ shoe and ask:

  • Transaction through this website requires my sensitive information (such as credit/debit card passwords, Medical information, Bank account details etc.). Is it ok to proceed further?
  • What are the security standards set up on this website?
  • What, if my sensitive information is compromised? Is there any support I can get from this e-commerce website?

All the above questions are very genuine & obvious, as no one wants to put his/her hard earned money at stake just because of insecure websites. The expectations set by your customers’ can be made viable through the installation of SSL certificate.

SSL Certificate for e-commerce websites

If you have started your online website, an SSL is a top-level requirement. We are recommending you the best SSL certificate suitable for your e-commerce startup:

EV SSL (Extended Validation)-For big e-commerce brands

  • Popularity of EV SSL is highest among all the available SSL certificates for e-commerce websites
  • It is also known as “Green address bar” SSL & mostly used by the owners
  • EV SSL gives a privilege of showing company’s name inside the green address bar
  • As the name suggests, one should go through an extended validation process as per CA’s requirements to get this certificate

Other SSL certificates-For small e-commerce brands

  • A small e-commerce startup with limited budget can opt for any SSL which suits them
  • “Domain Validation” certificate is one of the cheapest option available in market
  • Price range starts from $8-$10 per year from any authorized SSL certificate providers

Setting Benchmarks!

Every big e-commerce set up installs an SSL certificate. You’ll surely see an SSL installed during the checkout process. Let us describe two of the popular examples of such e-commerce websites for your reference:

  1. Amazon (Symantec Corporation)

Amazon uses Symantec corporation SSL certificate. Click on the more information & get brief description of the SSL certificate & other related details

  1. Target.com (Symantec Corporation)

You’ll find EV SSL certificate for target.com during check-out process only. They’ve installed Symantec corporation’s SSL certificate

Want to buy an SSL for your e-commerce website?

If you are looking for an SSL certificate for your e-commerce website, then your search ends here. We offer you an optimal range of products for your startup or an already set e-commerce website. We provide SSL certificates from the most popular SSL Authorities, already used by most of the big e-commerce websites. The SSL authorities we have:

  • Symantec
  • GeoTrust
  • Thawte
  • Rapid SSL

The above-given SSL authorities are the most popular SSL providers nowadays. Kindly visit us to find out best SSL Certificate prices