Things you should not be doing on your mobile phone!

Yes, getting a Wifi connection is important for all of us but if not used properly then it could be a source of stealing all your important data. Here is my guide to protect yourself from these thefts via mobile phone.

In today’s world, about 2.1 billion people are using smartphones. And almost every one of us has the habit of not switching off the phone’s WiFI. For many of us, this may sound like a normal thing but it is not. This practice can harm the personal data on your phone.

Impact of Open Public WiFi Networks

Let’s read how badly it will affect your personal data. Once you move out from your home or office but you forgot to switch off the WiFi. The problem here is that even if you have moved out of the WIFI connection your phone’s WIFI keeps scanning for other better access points on the way. Nowadays there are much public WIFI’s available, for example in malls, railway stations or any other public places. Now imagine your phone notifies you that this is an open network and to save your cellular data you just click on it and get connected.

These WIFI’s ask you to login to your social media or email account or like their social page to have access to it. Just imagine that if this login page is misleading and not the actual one, a third party records all your personal info like username, password, etc. In simple terms, this is MITM (man in the middle attack).

Just imagine while using such network you make a transaction. This would be a HAZARD!! NEVER DO THIS.

Many of us have a habit of storing Cash Card (debit/credit cards) credentials, bank account numbers etc. in the mobile phone in the notes section. You might get in big trouble if your phone gets hacked, as the hackers will collect all this info and you might not even come to know.

Protective Measures Against Data Theft

Below are the measures to safeguard from such attack:-

  1. Switch off your WIFI when not in use
  2. Always connect to a known network (by seeing the name of the access point)
  3. Avoid using open public based unsecured WIFI
  4. Instead of keeping your personal credentials in notes use verified apps available on play stores.
  5. Avoid making transactions while using such public WIFI.
  6. Always access HTTPS websites on a public WIFI

We hope you follow some pointers out of this and try implementing your own security.

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