Secure Website with SSL Certificate

We know your concerns about your website!

You had a dream about your startup & obviously, you created your own website with lots of graphics, colorful animations, a variety of services for customers, superb customer support but ignored the security (ssl certificate) of your website which exposed your website & hence ambitious startup to a very big threat.  “The threats of which you have never imagined”. We describe here, your ignorance for website security exposed your startup to which kind of threats:

  • If the website is not secured, all the online transactions are vulnerable to attack
  • Insecurity to data would result in the loss of customer’s trust
  • The major loss could cost up to your startup

Understanding SSL Certificates

For your clear understanding, let us describe SSL certificates in brief. Basically, we will describe its origin & the types of SSL certificates:

  • Secure sockets layer (SSL)- A protocol developed by Netscape in 1995. This has now become the prominent method of website security
  • SSL generally uses the public-private key encryption technique for providing security to your websites
  • It is a digital certificate issued by an independent third-party. The issuer of this certification is also known as Certification authority (CA)
  • Nowadays, it is very easy to buy SSL certificate online. The availability depends on the type of certificate you require

Types of SSL certificates- By validation level (Buy SSL online)

Domain validated SSL certificates

  • This certificate validates the registration of domain & to someone which is aware of admin rights & then approves the certificate request
  • Email or DNS (Domain name system) is the channel to perform validation process
  • The owner is requested to prove admin right by receiving and confirming an email sent to an administrative email for the domain, or by configuring some specific DNS records for the domain
  • The order normally takes a few minutes to a few hours
  • After being validated & signed by a trusted authority, the web browser indicates a secured HTTPS connection

Organization validated SSL certificates

  • Organization Validated (OV) certificate validates the following information: Ownership of domain, information of organization included in the certificate such as city, state, name & country
  • Validation process is almost similar to the domain validated certificate, except the fact that it requires additional verifications to certify the identity of the company
  • The order for this type of SSL certificates can take from a few hours to a few days
  • The OV SSL certificates display the company information in the certificate details

Extended validation SSL certificates

  • EV SSL certificate requires the extended validation of the business
  • It validates the following points before issuing an EV SSL certificate: Ownership of the domain, organization information, legal existence of the organization along with the physical & operational existence
  • It also validates, if an organization is aware of the SSL certificate request & then approves it
  • The validation requires documentation to certify the company identity plus a set of additional steps & checks
  • The order can take from a few days to a few weeks, due to the extended validation process
  • The extended validation SSL certificate is generally identified with a green address bar in the web browser containing the company name.