Buy SSL Certificate for your company’s website and avoid hacking.

A website is open to vulnerabilities once it is live. The problem is, we cannot say when an attacker would attack your website. It is evident that hackers are very active & they wander in the search of such information that can be en-cashed. Especially, they look for customer accounts information & credit card data. You have a legal obligation to protect this data from theft & to report security breaches that occur.

We are providing you some of the simple steps that may help in protecting your website:

Stay updated

Update yourself with hacking threats. Understand at least basics of these threats & you can protect your website against it. Use the newly gained information in implanting precautions in place when necessary.

High-level access control

  • Enforce usernames & password which cannot be guessed easily
  • Change the prefix of your default database from “wp6_” to something random
  • Within a stipulated time period, number of login attempts should be restricted, even with the resetting of passwords
  • Do not use emails to send login details

Update software

It is very important to update pre-installed software with new add-ons. By the time, the hackers have been improving themselves to increase the attack vulnerability. Therefore, software companies are continuously working towards the security measures; so that your information & website may remain away from the security threats.

Strengthen your Network security

Please ensure that:

  • Frequency of changing passwords is high
  • Login must expire after a short period of inactivity
  • Passwords must be strong & never being documented
  • Scan all the devices for malware, each time they are plugged into the network

Firewall Installation

Web application firewall (WAF) :- Software or hardware based. It sets between your website server & the data connection & reads every bit of data passing through it. It is one of the best ways to avoid hack like craigslist.

Hide Admin Pages

Best way to prevent hack is by hiding your important pages from hackers. You can do this by using “robots.txt” file to discourage search engines from listing them. The tutorial from is all the help you will need.

Use SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) Encryption

Transfer your personal data or process online transactions in the SSL encrypted environment. It prevents the hack. Actually, SSL protocol prevents the information being read in transit & accesses without the proper authority.

Avoid auto-fill forms

Do not enable auto-fill for forms on your website as it leaves your data and other sensitive information vulnerable to attack.

Create your backups frequently

  • To cope with the adverse situations such as if worst happens, keep everything backed-up
  • Backup on-site, off-site multiple times a day
  • Every time a user saves a file it should automatically backup in middle locations

Backing up once a day means that you lose that day’s data when your hard drive fails.

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