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In July 2018, with the release of the Google Chrome 68 web browser, all websites which begin with http:// will be marked as “not secure”.

Release Date : April 10, 2018

Chrome will not only tell users that HTTP page is insecure, meaning, any information exchanged by them with this webpage, can be viewed in clear text by any intermediary. Any internet intermediary (like a data center admin or even a hacker) who attempts to intercept traffic between a user and a page with https:// prefix sees only encrypted garble text. 

Google will add a red-for-danger icon to emphasize the point. This can lead to a huge loss of business, goodwill and even have legal implications for a vast number of organizations. 

HTTPS.IN is India’s first online, web security initiative offering website owners a complete range of SSL & Code Signing certificates along with malware scanning and protection. Owned by Adweb Technologies, a pioneer in internet security for over 18 years, the offering covers leading global brands such as Comodo, Digicert, Symantec, Geotrust & RapidSSL. 

We work with website owners and IT admins, to achieve best of breed security by educating them on the right SSL certificate selection with easy to understand SSL comparison tool and offer comprehensive technical support and life cycle management services says Janak Mehta, Technology Head at Adweb Technologies.

HTTPS.IN is geared up to meet the increasing demand of SSL certificates, starting from large to medium and small enterprises, who will be scurrying to be https secure.


About Adweb Technologies 

Adwebtech which owns HTTPS.IN is an internet and network security service provider in India which started its business in January 2000. The company strives to meet the increasing demands of the market and ensures cutting-edge technology solution availability for its customers. The services of the company serve close to about 3,000 entities worldwide. Adwebtech is one of the largest network security providers and implementer of multiple IT security disciplines in India. They also have a website which offers free installation support for SSL certificates.

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