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SSL Certificate for Education

SSL Certificate for Education is rapidly increasing, every aspect of education from admission, career opportunities and other programs are online and website being the central hub expands education worldwide.


Educational sites install SSL certificate because they deal with sensitive information over the internet. Such information, if mishandled sets security challenges to education.


  • An SSL Certificate encrypts classified data to ensure confidentiality.
  • It secures eLearning by safely interpreting the data to the intended recipient
  • It increases internet visibility, as popular search engine gives higher credit (search rankings) to sites with SSL certification.      


As Education service proves an immense scope for eLearning, it also appeals special strategies towards cyber threats.  Installing an SSL certificate reassure the protection from malicious eyes.


Hence education service dealing with online portals are requested to install SSL Certificate to secure confidential data that’s being transferred over the internet


Located in Hong Kong, the Independent Schools Foundation (ISF) is a charitable organization that is
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