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Digicert Acquires Symantec

Digicert + Symantec = A New Avatar with Stronger Security



DigiCert acquired Symantec, the world's leading SSL Security CA. This acquisition allowed Digicert to take over Symantec's website security, SSL/TLS, and PKI portfolio. Digicert is one of the biggest names in the website security solutions sector as its fortune 500 users trust their security enforcements. Moreover, this unbeatable trust is sure to bloom with this newly acquired acquisition.



What You Can Expect From


Being a platinum partner of Digicert we hold all the rights to keep your existing SSL certificate at its peak performance without disturbing your productivity. Our teams will handhold you for a smooth transition of your current SSL Certificate to Digicert, without losing your contract.

We love to help you! Feel free to connect with our tech support team to renew your existing Symantec, Geotrust, Thawte & RapidSSL certificates to DigiCert.


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Digicert SSL/PKI solutions



Expanded Validation SSL declarations are each web-based dealer's closest companion. With EV SSL you hold a lethal advantage as it positions your website on the top in Google searches while also adding worthy highlights to your online business. This is nothing less than a triumphant association.


Shows the lock sign in all web browsers. Provides robust security with up to 256-digit encryption. Enjoy an increased purchaser trust with a space approved SSL testament.


All web browsers display the padlock sign. Just area name email confirmation. Enjoy a rapid authentication process, one that takes only a few minutes with DV SSLs. Lowest purchaser trust when contrasted with an association or a lengthy approval SSL testament.

Code Signing Certificate:

Code signing certificate consists of signature, company’s name and timestamp. It is used by developers to digitally sign software, applications, drivers, and other executables. The end-user can verify if the code has been compromised by a third person.

Secure site pro:

Safeguard your site against known and unknown dangers with industry-leading security solutions. Not only this but with Secure Site Pro you get more than a declaration with the all-new and powerful DigiCert Smart Seal. Get approval, support, malware filtering, CT log observing, weakness and PCI examining, business block listing and extortion checks and admittance to the post-quantum cryptography toolbox.


As DigiCert acquired Symantec, security solutions are sure to witness a revolution. Right from basic to high encryption solutions get the best web security services in the industry. Since DigiCert acquired Symantec, you're left with peace while we care for your web security. Feel free to reach out to us! Happy to help!  



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