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Most of the organizations are confused when they are required to buy an SSL certificate. Use this quick and easy SSL comparison chart to evaluate the best SSL certificate for your requirement. Also, you can identify the right SSL certificate by using our SSL wizard tool. Simply answer 2 or 3 question for your requirement and we will show you the best suitable SSL certificate to you.  Read More

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Product FeaturesPositiveSSL RapidSSL
Certificate Authority
Best Price



Buy Now Buy Now Buy Now
Certificate Authority Rating
Multiple Year OptionsUp to 5 YearsUp to 6 Years
Domains SecuredSingle DomainSingle Domain
Suitable for Personal Websites, Blogs, Unregistered Org. Personal Websites, Blogs, Unregistered Org.
Examples ----
Market Share 39% Less than 5%
Validation Type DV DV
Issuance Minutes Less than 1 day
CSR Keysize 2048 Bit 2048 Bit
Encryption Strength Up to 256-Bit Up to 256-Bit
Warranty $10,000 $10,000
Root Domain Support Both www + non-www Both www + non-www
Browser Compatibility 99% 99%
Mobile Friendly
Refund policy 30 Days 30 Days
Reissue Unlimited Unlimited
Server Licensing Unlimited Unlimited
Green Address Bar
SAN Support
Site Seal Static Static
Vulnerability Assessment
Malware Scan
Business Validated
ECC Support
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