SSL Certificate For a Blog – Rapid SSL

Blogging websites are quite popular these days. Writers and bloggers use it as a medium to convey their thoughts. The point of concern here is that what is the use of a blog page; if it is not reaching the intended audience. A blogger in addition to a correct SEO strategy should also pay attention to the implementation of SSL certificates.  It is a great way to improve the Google search rankings. The higher the ranking the easier it gets to reach your potential audience.

Why Rapid SSL?

Bloggers are not used to adding or buying a Rapid SSL certificate but the recent model of the Google search filters advice the blog website owners to implement an SSL certificate. An SSL offers many other benefits apart from just protecting the website.  Google recommends the use of HTTPS to give visitors a safe signal while on website and also keep their data safe from hackers. It is always a good idea to gauge your blogging sites with an SSL that will not only prevent it from intruders but also give it an edge over other websites that offer services in the same niche.

Free as well as paid SSL certificates can be deployed on a website. The free one comes with its own set of challenges. They do not provide a high level of security as compared to the paid ones.  A paid SSL can provide protection for a specific period of time. Some may even offer 3 years of protection will full control over the server. You can get Rapid SSL certificates and some others with a few days of the trial period too. During this testing phase, you can analyze the certificate and see if it works for you or not. The wide budget scale of paid certificates allows you to find the best one as per your budget and specifications.


There are plenty of SSL certificate options available in the market and it is quite obvious that free ones are more appealing, but there is a specific reason why a number of website owners and bloggers pay some extra bucks for paid SSL. This is highly recommended that if you are a budding blogger or already own a blog you should invest in a good one as they will prove beneficial in the next few years.