Guide To choose Affordable SSL Certificate

What to do?

Our market is full of hundreds of different SSL certificates. Definitely, it is very confusing & difficult to locate a best affordable SSL certificate for your website but the universal rule of purchasing an SSL certificate is to use a trusted certificate authority & you can’t go wrong.

The Higher price of an SSL certificate is not a guarantee of best or we cannot say that it is much secure than a certificate of the lower price. In fact, you need to be sure to select something which is according to your business needs at the reasonable price for you.

If you are on a budget, then re-sellers are a good option as you can get an opportunity to secure an SSL certificate from a highly trusted Certificate authority (CA) but at a much lower price.

Concerns regarding cheap SSL certificates!

We must have a question in our minds that if certificates are cheap, there must be a catch, right? Please keep in mind:

  • AS long as you are stick to a well-reputed reseller, you needn’t worry about anything related to SSL certificates
  • The requirement of SSL Certificate depends on the type of website one has. If your website has a payment gateway then it is a Compulsion to have an EV certificate as per the guidelines of RBI.
  • Selecting a certificate on the basis of the price might cost you in future. One should always select the certificate according to their website. Like for a simple blog, DV certificate is recommended and for E-commerce website EV certificate is recommended. There are SSL Expert tools available which can tell you how to choose an SSL Certificate.

An honest survey

Keeping all the if’s & but’s in our mind, we’re providing you an example of the low priced affordable SSL certificate provider & tried to give an honest assessment of the services they provide. Though the quoted prices are provided by the CA’s, don’t forget to look for these certificates on a reseller website.

Rapid SSL:

  • Rapid SSL which is one of the leading SSL certificate authorities. Starts from as low as Rs 750/- per year.
  • This includes a $10,000 fraud warranty, which is just perfect for any low budget e-commerce set up
  • Rapid SSL also offers e-mail support & 24/7 knowledge base & provides up to 256-bit encryption for one domain name
  • One important thing is that Rapid SSL is literally a business that specializes in SSL. So they won’t attempt to sell you any additional extras that you may find with other services
  • In fact, you can pay extra to cover additional domain names

Where to Go?

Selecting an affordable SSL certificate for your e-commerce website is a headache for you? Stop. You’ve come to the right place. We’ve gone ahead & done a lot of work on your behalf so that all you have to do is to sit back & pick the ideal security solution for you & your website.

We carry only the most trusted Certificate authorities & have made sure to offer a broad portfolio of products that can cover all your needs at a variety of price points. Contact us to know the best SSL Certificate price in the market.