Checks while buying SSL Certificate


What’s Important?

While buying SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) online, a simple search on “SSL certificates” would open a thousand of search results in front of us but we will look for only first 5-6 websites so that we might save some of our time for other daily routine works. Now, making your customers to pay their attention towards your website demands a high level of trust & respect for the brand. This trust is achieved through encryption using an SSL certificate.

If you are shopping online for an SSL certificate, you should keep in mind the basic things as per rest of the article.

A Trusted source is Platinum Partner of the world’s leading Certificate Authorities (CA). Let us devise few of our typical features:

  • It is like an elevator where each stair has its own level of security & after only the verification for that level, you can reach up to its next level
  • Our Certificate Agency (CA) is embedded in web browsers as a trusted source & hence on using one of our SSL certificates, the browser recognizes the certificate and users will never get a security warning message
  • The verification process for SSL Certificates comes from trusted sources.

Application process & Documentation

Buying SSL certificate online requires following an application process. What is that process? Let’s have a look at the below information:

  • Its online application system can provide you the required certificate just in few minutes
  • The information required from customer’s end needs to be provided through our online application process & hence prevents our customer’s from the headache of all paperwork
  • After the generation of CSR (Certificate Signing Request), our customer support representatives will help you with the further steps.
  • CSR or Certificate signing request:- A block of encrypted text generated by your server

Providing our help! – Customer Service

You can expect an excellent customer service from Some its attractions are as follows:

  • You can expect a high-level service from us and why not! You are investing your hard earned money for your better expectations and good fortune
  • We ensure you our never-ending support. That means we are not going to leave you on your own after our sales have been done. We’ll be at your service until/unless your problems regarding our SSL certificates has not been resolved
  • Our efforts and time is more or equal to customer services as we spend it for marketing & sales of our certificates
  • Technical support is available 24/7 for you only. You can reach out to them through phone, email or live chat

Still, you have confusions among the selection of SSL certificates & their purchases. Do visit our website to buy SSL certificate online.

Encryption is Protection!!