Error: Init: SSLPassPhraseDialog builtin is not supported on Win32" when starting my website using Apache

Apr 20, 2023


This error occurs when a password is entered to encrypt the private key file (<filename>.key).  Apache on Windows doesn't support private keys that are encrypted.  This password may have been set while creating the CSR.

  1. First, make a copy and backup your private key file. This file should have an extension of ".key".
  1. Start OpenSSL and use the following command to remove the passphrase from the private key.  Change <filename1> to the name of your current private key.  Choose a new name for <filename2>.

openssl rsa -in <filename1>.key -out <filename2>.key

Note:  <filename2> will be your new private key file that does not contain a passphrase.

  1.  Move the new private key (<filename2>) to the same path as to where the original private key was located.
  1. Open your httpd.conf or httpd-ssl.conf ( don’t edit both the conf files ) file and verify that the directive called "SSLCertificateKeyFile" points to the newly uploaded private key (<filename2>).

If this doesn't appear to work for you, please generate a fresh CSR and share with us so that we can reissue the certificate.  Ensure that no passphrase is entered in during the CSR generation phase

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