Certificate Signing Request for Oracle Http Server (OHS)

Jan 6, 2023

Create an Oracle Wallet and generate a Certificate Signing Request

Log in to the domain of interest using Fusion Middleware Control and make sure the component you want to configure is started (in our case it is the  ohs5  Oracle HTTP server) and follow the next.

First we have to navigate to the wallets page of the webtier component we want to configure, to do so expand the “Web Tier” folder within your “Farm_bifoundation_domain”,  ohs5  webtier component will appear. Then click the  ohs5  component from the left pane and once it appears on the right pane click on “Oracle HTTP Server”, select “Security” from the list of available options and finally click on “Wallets”.

Within the next screen click on “Create” so the Create Wallet page appears.

Enter a common wallet name;  the common name entered here should match the hostname  (fully qualified domain name that will access OHS)  of the Oracle HTTP Server to which clients will connect . Leave the default auto-login wallet option. After this is set, click “OK” and then click on “Yes” when the confirmation message appears.

Within the following screen we have to enter some details regarding the server where the OHS has been installed. Enter the details as shown in screenshot below and click on “OK”.

The Certificate Request for the server has just been created; now you can copy and paste the Base64-encoded certificate request from the text box to a file or export it directly to a file with the “Export Certificate Request” button (we named it  server.csr )

A message confirming the wallet creation will appear.

Send the Certificate Request ( server.csr ) from above to a Certificate Authority.

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