How do I Create a CSR (Certificate Signing Request) Using the AppDirector Web Management Interface?

Jan 6, 2023


Creating a certificate and adding it to AppDirector includes the following steps:

  • Creating a Certificate Request (CSR)
  • Exporting the CSR and sending it to the Certificate Authority (CA) for signing
  • Importing the signed certificate into AppDirector

To create a certificate request using Web Management:

1Login to the device via HTTPS
2. Select Security > Certificate > Table.
3. Click Create. The Certificate Table Create dialog box displays.
4. In the Entry Type field, select Signing Request.
5. Specify the CSR requested fields.
6. Choose/Generate a passphrase, and enter it in the Key passphrase field.
Note: The key passphrase encrypts the key in storage and is required to export the key from AppDirector. Radware recommends using stronger passphrases based on a combination of alpha, numerical, and symbol characters. Minimum length: 4 characters. Maximum size: 1995 bytes.
7. Click Set. The CSR is now listed in the certificate table with its entry type set to Singing Request:


To export a certificate request (CSR) to a CA

1. Select Security > Certificate > Export.
2. In the Export PKI Components From Device dialog box , in the name field select the CSR you want to export. 
3. In the type field, select signing request.
4. Click Export.


The exported file should be sent to the CA for verification and signing. After the certificate is signed, it can be imported back to the AppDirector.

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